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We want to assure that you have the best experience possible. But we understand you might have some questions! Below we have common questions asked for purchasing, checking out, returning and more.

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Common Questions

How do I access my items?

After you checkout, we will send you a link to your items by email and text message. This link will take you to your online pass. Your online pass is a mobile friendly website that has everything you will need.

What do I do if I lost the link to my pass?

Go here to request a new link to your pass: * All we need is the email address you used during checkout. A new link will immediately be sent by email and text message.

Why can't I find all my items in my pass?

All items expire after a certain amount of time if they are not used. Once they expire, they are eventually removed from your pass.

How long do I have to use my items after purchase?

Most of the time, you have 180 days from the time of purchase to use your item. This does not apply to reserved date/time tours where you will use your purchase on the date/time you selected. You can see how much time you have if you click on the “Learn More” button on each individual item.

Can I get an extension to my pass if it expired before I have a chance to use it?

If you have not had the chance to use your purchase before the expiration date, send us an email at

Are refunds available?

No, all sales are final. If you have an extenuating circumstance, please email and we’ll see what we can do for you.

How do I gift a Houston Experience?

When you proceed to the checkout page, you’ll see a gift option. Here, you can enter the recipient’s information, a special message, and choose whether you would like to deliver the gift immediately, at a specific date/time in the future, or hand-deliver the gift through a print-at-home.

How can I print my passes?

With most passes, we will send a link to a "Print-at-Home" page in your receipt email. From there, you can print your passes.

If you have lost your receipt email, you can request a new one here

Still need help?

Feel free to contact us for further help.


Phone: (888) 921-5333

Text: (888) 921-5333

I'm a Houston merchant interested in joining the marketplace. Who do I contact?

We’d be thrilled to work with you! Please contact Maureen Haley at if you’re interested in joining the Houston Experience Marketplace.

Still Need Help?
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Phone: (888) 921-5333
Text: (888) 921-5333