Houston Signature Experiences: Experiences you can hear, taste and learn

Houston's rich tapestry of history, culture and stories are vividly brought to life in a collection of immersive experiences designed to honor and showcase the city's black-owned businesses and its pivotal role in black history. This collection, curated in collaboration with local partners, offers a unique blend of narrative, flavor, and memory across five distinctive experiences.

Each experience, rooted in authenticity and passion, is a tribute to the stories, flavors, and people that define Houston's black community. Together, they form a compelling invitation to explore, taste, and learn in a city that continues to shape its history with pride and resilience.
Antioch Missionary Baptist Church

From Chains To The Church

  • Hear of Antioch’s many highlights of service to all men, women and children in the city of Houston
  • 90-minute experience available select Saturdays at 11AM
Lucy Pearls

Southern Sweets & Soulful Stories

  • Immerse yourself in the sweetness of history, the warmth of life lessons, and the inspiration of personal growth
  • 90-minute experience available Thursday through Sunday 3:00PM and 5:00PM
  • Minimum of 4 people required
The Heritage Society

From Plantation To Emancipation

  • Tour three historic houses that tell Houston’s stories from plantation to emancipation
  • 90-minute experience available offered on the 2nd and 4th Saturday of the month at 12:30PM (tours not available March 23, April 13 due to city festivals)
Pur Noire Urban Wineries

Pur Pairings That Speak To The Soul

  • Learn the fundamentals of wine tasting while also discovering the stories that make Pur Noire Urban Wineries so incredibly unique
  • 90-minute experience available 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of every month 2:00PM and 6:30PM
Houston This Is It Soul Food

40 Weight Gravy: A Soulful History Of Soul Food

  • At "Houston This Is It Soul Food," you don't just eat; you're tasting the legacy of a family whose recipes have been the thread binding the fabric of a community
  • 90-minute experience available every other Saturday of the month at 10:30AM