BIORHYTHM: Music and the Body

What makes us dance? Why do we sing the blues? Could there be a formula for the perfect hit?

Music is a central part of the human experience, but what is the natural force that drives us to sing, strum, drum and dance? What is the scientific basis of whistling, humming and toe-tapping? From an acoustic bed to sonic tables and experiments on your emotional response to pop music, Science Gallery’s Summer exhibition BIORHYTHM will allow you to feel how music moves your body through an interactive bazaar of unique sonic experiences, installations, experiments and performances from musicians, engineers and neuroscientists from around the world.

Exhibition available in English, Spanish and Mandarin Chinese. Child ticket for ages 3-12. Under 3 are free.

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  • Special exhibit at The Health Museum
  • Explore the relationship between music and the body through art and science
  • Available through July 31, 2018
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BIORHYTHM: Music and the Body


$8.00 - $10.00


Jul 31st 2018

Included Venues

The Health Museum

In the heart of Houston, the Health Museum inspires passion and curiosity in health, the medical sciences and the human body. With more than 2.5 million visitors, it’s also one of the most interactive and popular science learning centers of its kind and a favorite among Houstonians.

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  • General Admission